At this time, we are only accepting Seasonal campers. Please call our toll free number to make an appointment for viewing. 1-866-626-3407.
Important Update for Alberta Private Parks and Campground Owners

In a statement received by the Alberta Health Services (AHS), "all Provincial and Federal Campgrounds are closed as per the order from the chief medical officer of health, but Private Campgrounds remain open for the time being, provided they take appropriate steps to protect workers, volunteers and patrons from infection.

Only facilities that "offer long-term accommodation for users (greater than four weeks) or where the site is the user's primary accommodation are being recommended to remain open", AHS says. "Campgrounds that choose to remain open would be expected to implement strict control measures to prevent COVID-19 spread."

We recommend that Alberta Campgrounds undertake the following:

  • All playground equipment should be removed, rendered inoperable or have its use clearly indicated as prohibited and that prohibition must be strictly enforced by park management. 
  • The operation of mini-golf courses, and the rental of pedal boats or bicycles should be prohibited.  
  • Parks should be prohibited from renting campsites to campers except for use with Recreational Vehicles which have their own functioning toilet, shower and holding tanks in order to keep the occupants isolated from others. 
  • No Tent camping should be allowed
  • The rental of any campsite which does not have on-campsite running water, electricity and sewer disposal/dump station access would be prohibited. 
  • All stand-alone comfort-stations (washrooms and showers) should be closed.
  • Park entrance should be secured by a physical barrier when not staffed by an attendant.
  • Campers should be responsible for placing their own garbage into a commercial dumpster provided by park management no collection services.
  •  Limit Campground Capacity and block off Group Camping Areas

We encourage campground owners/operators to continue making whatever decisions are best for your business and community, while prioritizing public health and safety.

 Recommended:  Social/physical distancing

Campers should be provided with appropriate information about COVID-19 prevention measures and precautions both at the gate during check-in and check-out and through the use of signage throughout the campgrounds.

  •  A minimum distance of 30 feet between each recreational vehicle. 
  •  A no-visitor restriction should be put in place for all campers. 
  • Wifi hotspots  should be eliminated , as they may encourage the congregation of campers.
  • Campground operators must offer camper contact free registration options.











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