August 25, 2007 Weekend

New York, New York - We sure had a great time this week. Wednesday saw us entertaining the folks from Anderson Vacations. A sweet gorup of Itallians from Edmonton. gcbd-0825The Shields, the Berstens, the Arakis, the Pattons and a whole bunch more of great people joined us as well. Thursday at the Dinner Show the Whitecappers from Chestermere Lake came for a great night of food and entertainment. It was great to see some of our old friends from our old stompong grounds. Thanks for bringing them out Audrey. We also had the Stringhams and the Wises here as well. Friday and Saturday saw us eating and dancing again with a whole bunch of great people.
We had a great family from here from New York, the Palernos. Hi Alica!!
Donna and Larry
got married here on Saturday with their great group of folks from Medicine Hat. Congratulations you two. LCC had another busload of Japanese students who did not want to leave at the end of the night. Good luck with your English classes guys. The Makelkis, the Schneiders, the Houghtons and the Hasselfields were just a few of the folks here this weekend. Lloyd and Trevor celebrated their birthdays here this week. Happy Birthday guys. Time to get ready for the Labour Day Weekend and our Dance Festival. See ya next week.
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August 18, 2007 Weekend

Smokin' At The Barn - This week saw cooler temperatures that helped the dancers but forest fires in Montana took away our beautiful view of the Rockies. It did clear off on Saturday enough to see old Chief Mountain. gcbd-0818We had some great families here this week.
The Towles, the Andersons, the Burrows, the Motils, the Ferros and the Finells. A great group of Koreans stayed with us for the whole week in the B&B and came to the dance on Wednesday night. What a polite group of kids. Thanks for bringing them to the Barn Steve. The Rotory Youth Exchange came on Saturday night and we sure had a blast with them. These are kids from all over the world. And like Dad said, "If these are the attitudes of the kids from different countries, then our world is in great hands."
Some of Dad's old jammin' buddies were here from Oyen. Sure nice to see you folks again. The Allans,  the Kuhls, the Jacques and the Barnetts, to name a few, were here on Saturday night dancin up a storm. Thanks for coming folks. We had some fun people from Cranbrook here who sure could dance. Thanks Deptucks for bringing us some great dancers. Also the Hodgsons from Yorkshire England were here with their friends. Have a safe trip home folks. A special thank you to the McKennas for being such great folks. Summer is coming to a close but not the Barn. Were here untill the end of September and can hardly wait for our Christmas season to begin. Have a great week folks and we will talk to you next week.
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August 11, 2007 Weekend

Cooler Weather, Hotter Dancers - What a week for the dancers. The temperature dropped and the dancers got hotter. gcbd-0811We started the week of with our Wednesday Night Dinner & Dance. The Tetz,s, the Alwards, the plaxtons and Wiebes joined us for a great night of dancing. Also the Gouldings and Timmens. The Thursday night Dinner Show was a riot. We had a great group of folks here and they really enjoyed all the songs we performed for them. Friday and Saturday saw us eating and dancing up a storm again.
The Drumheller Seniors came for a visit along with the ESL Program Students from LCC.
Quite the combination of ages. A lot of great families joined in as well. We sure had a lot of kids upstairs for the dance. The Kohls joined us for their 20th anniversary. Thanks for sharing it with us. The Machalskys, the Gilmours, the Maynes were just a few of the many folks we saw this weekend. Evern Ashely Makalki and her friend were down for a visit. See Ya Next Week.
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August 4, 2007 Weekend

What a Great Long Weekend - the hot weather didn't stop us from having an awesome time this week. We started on Wednesday with a barnfull of families. Lloyd's old class mate from Rosemary, Mr. Selk, brought his whole family out and we had a blast with them. The Framptons and the Fishers cut a rug as well.gcbd-August04
On Thursday the Foremost Seniors came to see our Dinner Show. Now there was a van load of sweet ladies. We also had the Lions Youth Camp here and after the Dinner Show we all went upstairs for a DJ Dance. What a great group of kids. We also had the Gagnon family here from Cold Lake here all week. What a nice family. Keep on pickin Mjay.
Friday and Saturday saw us feeding a whole bunch of great people. The Steffans, the Jorgensons, the Mays, the Wallaces, the Kellas's, the Conarroe reunion, and a whole bunch more ate and danced the night away. Thanks for coming folks. We also had the ESL students from Lethbridge Community College here and the all the kids helped us with learning some new Japanese words. The Siegers from the Executive Royal Inn at Calgary were also here for the weekend. The weather started to cool down a little bit on Saturday which was a welcome site for all our guests. Our Ice Cream Social and Music Jam on Saturday was so much fun. We had some great singers and some great new beginner musicians. Thanks to Kendal and MJ for coming up and sharing your talents.
See ya next week.
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