August 11, 2007 Weekend

Cooler Weather, Hotter Dancers - What a week for the dancers. The temperature dropped and the dancers got hotter. gcbd-0811We started the week of with our Wednesday Night Dinner & Dance. The Tetz,s, the Alwards, the plaxtons and Wiebes joined us for a great night of dancing. Also the Gouldings and Timmens. The Thursday night Dinner Show was a riot. We had a great group of folks here and they really enjoyed all the songs we performed for them. Friday and Saturday saw us eating and dancing up a storm again.
The Drumheller Seniors came for a visit along with the ESL Program Students from LCC.
Quite the combination of ages. A lot of great families joined in as well. We sure had a lot of kids upstairs for the dance. The Kohls joined us for their 20th anniversary. Thanks for sharing it with us. The Machalskys, the Gilmours, the Maynes were just a few of the many folks we saw this weekend. Evern Ashely Makalki and her friend were down for a visit. See Ya Next Week.
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